Hello, We Are  "Women Can Startup"

The mission of Women Can Startup is to empower millennial women through features, interviews, stories, and discussion, we aim to create a community that helps young women see their strengths, develop self-confidence, and become well-rounded, independent leaders. 

Whether you’ve been in business a long time or are an aspiring business owner, you’ll discover how powerful and empowering it is to be supported by your fellow female entrepreneurs as you navigate your way through the complexities of entrepreneurship as a woman in today’s world.

We’ve put together some  articles with the mission to empower women entrepreneurs on their journey to success. If you would you like to share your story of entrepreneurial journey with the world, email us at womencanstartup@gmail.com

Richa Sinha

Richa is the founder, content director and editor-at-large of Women Can Startup. Richa created Women Can Startup as a place for women to receive online encouragement to go after their big dreams. She regularly invites guest post contributors who have completed big dreams to share their inspirational stories and advice. 

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