5 unique ways to get your brand noticed

According to the definition on Wikipedia, ‘the brand is a manufacturer's mark and a trademark having a high reputation among consumers.’ Branding allows creating a name, symbol or design that is easily recognised by the target audience.

A company can have several known brands under its umbrella. Take for example Procter & Gamble (P&G) which is the leading player in the packaged consumer goods industry. It has numerous recognisable and popular brands. It is up to the manufacturers what brand identity they wish to create for their brands through marketing and advertisement.

Branding is a very useful technique that creates trust amongst the people who use branded products. People are assured of the quality of a good brand, and this allows well-recognised brands to charge a premium. Good branding can set your business apart from the competition and attract more customers. However, it is important in the first place that your brand is noticeable and easily recognised in the sea of many.

So, what makes a brand noticeable? Here are 5 unique ways through which you can make your brand noticeable –

1. Unique, recognisable and well-designed logo

The most important element of a brand is its logo. The brand logo appears everywhere for the brand, whether it be on the products, or in marketing and advertising initiatives. In a way, the logo is the strongest form of representation for the brand. It is a unique identifier that distinguishes it from similar brands. Having a unique, clear and well-designed logo is extremely important for the brand to get noticed.

2. Exceptional marketing and advertisement

The brand managers need to be sure of the marketing channels where the brand needs to be promoted. This requires studying the demographics of the target audience, understanding their lifestyle choices, and working out what content they watch the most and on which platform. Advertisements have to be created keeping the brand identity and target audience in mind for them to be more noticeable.

3. Celebrity and influencer marketing

Definitely, having an Instagram influencer or a movie star can add sparks to your brand. It can increase the recall value for the brand by many folds in the initial stages of brand development. The brand can get highly noticed by using this strategy.

4. Brand website

Many times people check on search engines such as Google before settling on with some brand. To make your brand more noticeable you can create a specific website for the brand, utilise best SEO practices and create meaningful content for better Google rankings.

5. Email and social media marketing in line with the brand identity

Curating well-designed email newsletters and creating content that is aligned with what the brand stands for on social media are good ways for your brand to get noticed widely.


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