50 businesses you can start with less than $100

low cost business

It is not less than a miracle that today in the digital age, there are in reality some businesses that can be started with less than $100.

This has only been made possible because of the galloping advancements in communication technology, boom in social media and e-commerce, adoption of smartphones with futuristic computing abilities, and process automation through software. Moreover, a number of apps have been developed that allow people to start business of their choice. Here are 50 low cost business ideas in the current times –

1. Premise cleaning services – The 9 to 5 pm job culture has given rise to this business.

2. Collecting and selling used books – Online platforms allow you to create communities of

book lovers and recycle used books.

3. Decorative artifact business – You can create product catalogues on social media.

4. House painting contractor – Contracts can be solicited online in your locality or through

personal contacts.

5. House renovating services – These are required by many people who have old houses.

6. Pet sitting business

7. Outstation cab services – You can use an old car for this and attach it to cab-related apps.

8. Tutoring at home

9. Online tutoring – You can register on online tutoring platforms and take classes.

10. City tour guide service – If you are interested in architecture, history, food and culture, you can take up this business.

11. Tax preparation services – People expert in finance and taxes can start this business.

12. Tiles and flooring business – You can always start with one small contract profiting from which can help you build inventory for the future.

13. Flea Market seller or vendor

14. Reselling business on eBay

15. Natural and homemade personal care products business

16. Grocery delivery services – You can contact the big grocers for delivery services.

17. SEO and content services – This can be done my managing a team of freelance content writers and SEO experts online.

18. Freelance bartending – People who have a knack for preparing cocktails and drinks can start this business.

19. Dog grooming and training business

20. Delivery services for e-commerce companies

21. Social media management for brands

22. Online chat assistance service for businesses

23. Business consulting

23. Wedding planner

24. Event management business

25. Logo Design services

26. Yoga instruction services – If you have an interest in yoga and promoting mental and spiritual well-being, this can be a rewarding business for you.

27. Personal fitness training services

28. Home bakery

29. Catering services

30. Mobile and laptop repairing from home – If you have the right technical know-how, you can start this business.

31. Blogging and content writing

32. Handicrafts and self-made products business

33. Babysitting services

34. Home creche for kids of working parents

35. Android app development services – For IT enthusiasts who can single-handedly develop apps that are useful and well-designed, this can turn out to be a good business.

36. Website and graphic designing services

37. Handmade jewellery business which can be promoted locally and online

38. Cooking classes from home

39. IT support services for small organisations

40. Life coach and personality development services

41. Furniture recycling business

42. Resume writing services

43. Language translation services for smaller organisations

44. Electrical equipment repairing services – If you are qualified to work with electrical equipment, you can provide these services.

45. Completing online data survey tasks

46. Natural remedies and healing services

47. Wedding cards and cake designing business

48. Image consulting and fashion styling services – Fashion enthusiasts can work as freelance image consultants or fashion stylists and promote their work on social media.

49. Home spa services – You can start this with minimal investment if you are an expert in the wellness industry and can add services once you start profiting from the business.

50. Online video content creator and promoter