Kids at work? Why it works and helps women (and men!) succeed

The workplaces of modern times are becoming a dynamic place, not just in the sense with the number of amenities being provided to the employees but also by looking at their emotional well-being. A new concept that has been shaping up at crème-de-la-crème organisations is bringing your kids (read toddlers) at the childcare centres and allowing them to receive parental care when required.

As a parent, it is a major concern that your children are being taken care of while you are at work, especially in the early stages of their life. Many employees face the problem of providing a suitable caretaker to their toddlers while they are at work, and it is an extremely worrisome issue.

Working mothers are forced to take a break from their career, because they are unable to meet both the demands of raising a kid and meeting office deadlines simultaneously. The parents might even be emotionally torn apart when both of them are working, and there are no elderly people in the household to take care of the kids. This even reduces their work productivity and increases stress.

Innovative companies such as Google, American Express and Facebook have come up with solutions that are able to provide certain relief to working parents. However, the question of bringing kids at work is still very debatable, because many co-workers do not approve of this facility being doled out to working parents. They believe that kids at work are a distraction, and most of the time the parents are seen taking care of the child or interacting with them, hampering the quality of work and prolonging deadlines.

What is required here, is that the co-workers and employers need to have an empathetic heart to understand the turmoil that working parents have to undergo if they can’t properly take care of their kids. Many problems can be resolved if pioneering organisations take a step forward in this respect by providing childcare centres close to the office and allotting time to parents to meet their kids during office hours. It would be a heartfelt gesture from the organization towards the working women, and even men having kids. This will solidify the bond that they share with their organization which in turn would improve their work productivity and happiness quotient.

The demonstration of some amount of empathy, compassion, and assistance by the organisations can turn out to be the foundation for forging long-term bonds with employees. This can definitely help working women and men with young kids succeed, because their major concern has been taken care of and their work would not have to suffer. They will be more driven and motivated towards the success of the company, and perform with greater zeal.