Interview With A Women Entrepreneur - Pallavi Kallur (Fashion Designer)

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Starting, running and growing a business is a lot of hard work. Along with long hours, sacrifice, and a ton of stress, each day brings new obstacles to overcome. Simply put, entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.

That being said, we can find a number of women around us who are hustling and growing in their fields every single day.

What makes these women push forward?

How important is the family's support for them?

And, how are they inspiring other women around them?

These are some questions we asked some small/mid-scale business entrepreneurs.

Today, we are sharing the story of Ms Pallavi Kallur who hails from Bengaluru, India. Ms Pallavi is the founder of Aadvi - fashion designing and tailoring classes for women. Starting her career as a lecturer, she always had an eye for fashion nitty-gritty. Pallavi discovered how much she loved fashion, but she also loved teaching. That led her to start her current business in which she teaches the basics of fashion designing through her certificate courses. She has many happy clients who have started their own businesses.

Tell us about your business

I started 'Aadvi - fashion designing and tailoring classes for women' in 2016 to help homemakers who are interested in learning fashion designing, become financially independent and utilize their free time. We have a 2 months "basic pattern making" certificate course for which we charge very minimal fees. Till now we have successfully finished several batches and we have some amazing reviews and testimonials.

From where did you get the inspiration to start the business?

I love teaching and I have as a lecturer previously, so educating people has always inspired me.

From how many years are you in this business?

More than 4 years.

How supportive is your family?

My family is very supportive, they have always supported my career decisions.

What are the social environmental factors that have increased the prospects of women entrepreneurship?

I feel social media, seminars, workshops and public events have helped women who want to start something of their own. At Aadvi, we encourage women to come forward and learn new skills.

What problems do you face as an entrepreneur?

Reaching out to a bigger audience. Marketing is a very important aspect of any business - big or small - and learning the very basic of reaching out to a broader audience is the key to any successful business. I am still learning and hopefully will create a bigger customer base in coming years.

How much initial investment was required when you started the business?

I invested approximately Rs. 50,000 to start this business.

How would you like to educate other women to take up entrepreneurship roles?

Through Aadvi, we are trying to create entrepreneurs by teaching women fashion designing skills.

What are your plans in terms of your business?

I plan to expand my business and create a bigger customer base.

We believe each woman has a story and we need to hear these stories to inspire, encourage and empower each other. What is your story?

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