How to promote your e-commerce business on Instagram and Facebook

The e-commerce industry has been one of the most developing industries in recent times. It is not a surprise that social media has turned out to be the biggest factor responsible for its growth.

Not only social media guarantees visibility and reach to e-commerce companies for widespread locations, but it is also indisputably the easiest way to promote the latest offers and products.

Instagram and Facebook have emerged as marketing hotspots for the e-commerce industry. Cyber-commerce giants such as Amazon are greatly benefitting from the unique features being provided by these platforms to businesses.

Here are a few tips on how to promote your e-commerce business on Instagram and Facebook -

1. Facebook Marketplace

This drives traffic to your website or other points of sales of your business by using targeted ads that focus on potential customers. Facebook has a vast amount of user data which it can utilise to conduct targeted campaigns. The marketplace efficiently converts your ad spends into consumer sales.

2. Product cataloguing

Both Facebook and Instagram provide easy ways to create product catalogues for e-commerce businesses. With dynamic ads, this can be viewed to potential buyers along with the options to run offers. Instagram allows you to set up the shopping feature enabling customers to buy directly from the product catalogue.

3. Post video, image and graphic content

The e-commerce business page can utilise the most basic feature of posting on Facebook and Instagram to promote its products. The businesses are advised to post a mix of content including promotional, conversational and informational. This is because the followers should not feel that the company is pushing its products to them online and is focusing just on selling them somehow.

4. Hashtags for advanced promotion

Hashtags provide a very simple way of reaching out to a completely new customer base. If your hashtags are well-curated keeping in mind what your target audience is searching on Facebook or Instagram, it is very likely that your content is able to reach them even if they don’t follow you.

5. Post engagement analytics

Analytics provides you with a crystal-clear picture of where you stand with respect to audience engagement. The analysis is classified into various segments on these platforms and companies can infer which are the areas where improvements are necessary.

6. Community building

It is important that your followers or other account users are having meaningful conversations around your product offerings. Not only this allows companies to spread the word about their products but also helps in gathering customer feedback and product improvisation tips. By using the feature of groups and providing other pathways for creating user-generated content, e-commerce businesses can incredibly boost their promotional activities.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencers on Facebook and Instagram already have a large fanbase which e-commerce companies can utilise if they recruit them. The businesses should generally choose influencers who post content that aligns well with their brand strategy and image.

What else can you add to the list? What do you think are the most important tips on how to promote your e-commerce business on Instagram and Facebook that a beginner should know about?


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