How to choose right social media platform for your business

How to choose right social media platform for your business

Social media and digital marketing these days are turning out to be one of the biggest drivers for growth for brands and businesses alike. So, whether you have just started your business or you own a reputed firm, ignoring the social media can turn out to be an unprofitable strategy for your business. There are a number of social media platforms to choose from for your business, and you can select as many platforms as many as you can manage efficiently and profitably.

The first thing to do is to identify your audience on the basis of their age, gender, incomes, education, interests, etc.

Once you know your audience, identify goals that your audience has while using the social media platform. Basis that, you can use the platform either for driving brand awareness or developing friendly relationships with buyers, or for providing customer support. 

If you are deciding to use social media after all, what is important is that you need to build a social media strategy, that fulfils your primary business objective which could be to drive traffic to your website, increase followers to create hype, build brand awareness, or provide point of sales and support. This is because each social media platform serves a specific purpose.

❖ If your target audience are millennials, Instagram and Snapchat might turn out to be the right platform.

❖ If you want to access the power of communities then Facebook would be more apt. It allows your business to interact with local communities and create a wave of positive change.

Pinterest is platform that incites visual inspiration and helps in creating a story around your brand. It has been helpful in increasing retail sales for businesses in the past.

A competitive analysis with respect to the usage of social media is also very helpful. Where is the competitive landscape heading to in your industry, and what platforms and content strategy are being followed is an important question to be answered before you select the social media


Once you have thoroughly studied and analysed the current state of social media usage, and also

how the competition is utilising these new age technologies for growth, it will be easier for you to understand which platforms fit best for your business. In the beginning, with the use of the right social media platform in creating business awareness, it would then not be a difficult task to move a step further, and onboard influencers, brand ambassadors, and motivate your audience to buy your product or service, and recall your brand in the ocean of many.