4 digital marketing tips to help startups establish a solid online presence and achieve success

In today’s digital tech-savvy age being online can be a great source of revenue for your business. Digital marketing is turning out to be a powerful tool in the hands of the marketeers of the modern age and also the fast-paced startups.

With a robust digital marketing strategy, various startups have been able to establish their own brand name and distinguish them from other companies in the same field. The number of touchpoints that a startup can have with its consumers digitally are growing by the day. So, it is upon the startup companies to utilise these numerous digital platforms and be able to actively participate and market at places where their target audience is present.

Having an impactful presence on the digital medium requires targeted efforts and time. It is not just about having profiles on digital platforms and producing content, but there are also a lot of technical things at play when you are an organization and you want to represent yourself digitally.

Here are 4 digital marketing tips that can help startups establish a solid online presence and achieve success –

1. Well-designed User Interface (UI) and unmatched User Experience (UX)

Digital marketing tips - UI/UX

Just having a website won’t suffice. You also need to make sure that your website is compatible with a variety of smartphones with stunning visuals, impressive layout and immersive user experience. The UI should be easy to use, intuitive and highly responsive to the touchscreens.

2. Content, SEO and social media marketing

Digital marketing tips - How to use social media

An organization even if it is a startup needs to create a content mesh wherein the various sources of marketing content are logically interlinked. All the content being uploaded should be based on the latest SEO techniques keeping in mind the search engine algorithmic rankings and should provide a fresh perspective. A steady source of content such as blogs is useful in creating product awareness. It is also important to use social media platforms and tools to increase the reach, product knowledge and visibility.

3. Video content increases engagement

Digital marketing tips - Video content

New places to generate video content such as Facebook Live, Instagram and Snapchat stories, streaming public relations and media handling videos on a company website, etc. have emerged to increase audience engagement and build trust and authenticity for a startup. Video content is turning out to be extremely important and it has to be handled expertly using the concept of storyboarding.

4. Online client servicing

Digital marketing tips - Chatbot

New-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence are helping startups to strengthen their online presence. With the help of automated chatbots attached to company websites, startups can answer a number of queries that their customer base has related to product information and logistics issues. This is yet another technological feat that has helped marketing and customer service industry.

What else can you add to the list? What do you think are the most important digital marketing tips that a beginner should know about?


Digital marketing tips - Chatbot
Digital marketing tips - Chatbot
Digital marketing tips - Chatbot
Digital marketing tips - Chatbot