8 Best Places To Sell Your Handmade Crafts

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Handmade crafts are usually in high demand, it is quite a niche market, and many online markets sell such handmade items. If you are looking to earn some extra cash from selling your quality handmade crafts – however you don't have the idea where to begin. Or, if you are already selling online but you want to grow your business, this article is for you! There are a number of online marketplaces where you can sell your amazing handcrafts - hassle-free. Read on to know the eight good online marketplaces where you can sell your crafts.

❀ Etsy

Etsy is the number one selling place for all things handmade and if you sell handmade, you’re likely aware of Etsy.

Setting up an Etsy account gives you the chance to list your products, and let them manage the shopping cart that pays for the items when a customer chooses you.

You’ll need to figure the fees involved with having an Etsy shop, selling on Etsy, and even the Paypal fees to withdraw your money after a purchase is made. Prior to listing, make sure you calculate these fees to ensure you make enough to compensate for your effort.

Some great ways to get your Etsy items seen by more people are to share your links on social media like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

❀ eBay

The sale site has been around for a long time and is trustworthy. Opening an eBay store is an inexpensive avenue for artists to get their name out there by tapping into the zillions of buyers who are searching on eBay every day.

When you open an eBay store, right out of the starting gate it is “search engine friendly”. Meaning, instead of having to create a website of your own and try to get customers to it, eBay gives your brand an instant boost because it already has the right, built in traffic.

Interesting points when listing your products on eBay are that you will be charged a listing expense and you need to handle the shipping expenses as well.

The listing charges are taken from your Paypal account once every month, so you'll have to ensure that you are listing your products for enough to recover the expenses. Price your product keeping in mind what percentage needs to be paid to eBay.

❀ Amazon

Amazon has recently started Amazon Handmade program. This enables you to become an Amazon merchant of your handcrafted things.

The available categories at this point are jewelry, home and kitchen, wedding, handbags and accessories, beauty and grooming, stationery and party supplies, toys and games, baby, pet supplies and clothing and shoes.

If you’re a seller, when you sign up for Amazon Handmade, you can access more than 250 million customers worldwide, easily make custom orders and get quick and easy help with Amazon’s phone and email support. The site will charge a 15% referral fee for marketing, discounted shipping, payment processing and fraud protection.

❀ Ezebee 

Ezebee is a global social commerce platform for small companies and freelancers of all categories. On their free online international marketplace and community anyone wishing to sell online can sign up, create a free online shop, and offer unlimited products or services, all for free! It also helps vendors more easily market their brands with a variety of social networking tools. Moreover, you don’t have to go through that hassle of financial issues, arranging human resources etc… to create your own online shop.

❀ Facebook Craft Groups

These Facebook groups are created to help craft sellers to promote their products and there’s a ton of them for you to join. Some are there just for sharing ideas, while others are actually a marketplace created just for you to sell your arts and crafts. Here are some of my favourites :

Art Junkies Marketplace: This group is a great place with tons of members looking to buy and sell crafts and art.  There are minimal rules to follow, and great opportunities to promote your products.

Crafting Den: This group is not for selling items, but is an excellent resource that helps other crafters learn about marketing, pricing, and more.

Craft, Craft and More Craft: A chatty community for people interested in any type of craft. Show off your work, share tips and help each other out.

Craft Living: A hub for crafters from around the world to come together to talk about crafts, ask for business advice or just chit chat about current projects.

It’s Better Handmade: A supportive community of artisans that share, network and inspire each other. It’s all about promoting handmade over mass-produced.

❀ iCraft

iCraft is another commercial center where you can move handcrafted things only. It is for original handmade products, not vintage, not for resellers and not for food products. In fact, they are very, very specific about what they accept in their marketplace and it is actually refreshing to see such clarity.

It may not be for everyone, but you will know if you fit or not. The pricing structure seems to resonate for lots of artisans.They don't acknowledge something besides high quality things. They have month to month charges to enlist on this commercial center. But, there are no charges taken out from your deal income.

❀ ShopHandmade

This is generally another commercial center when contrasted with other set up stores like eBay or Etsy. The greatest favorable position with this commercial center is that you have no posting charges or month to month store expenses and, this is extraordinary when you are simply beginning.

❀ Dawanda

Dawanda is a worldwide community of crafters and artisans. Sellers can sign up for accounts and create their own collections of products for sale. They can also interact with other sellers by leaving comments and joining in on discussions in forums and groups. Dawanda takes an interesting approach that lets buyers create unique collections of products and share them with their friends. If you are a seller of handmade or unique products, this marketplace is well organized and looks seller-friendly.

Have you tried any of the online marketplaces mentioned in this article? Share your opinions of them in the comments!