7 Simple Habits Of Highly Productive People

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Have you ever wondered, how the most successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, athletes plan their day? How do they work 14-16 hours everyday tirelessly? How do they come to work so fresh and enthusiastic every single day?

1. They love what they are doing. Duh, Obviously!!

2. They have cultivated right habits to maximise their productivity.

Getting in routine of doing certain things and learning from your mistakes can help you become more productive in short and long run.

Simple Habits Of Highly Productive People

Let's see some of the things the most successful people do that help them reach peak of productivity.

A To-Do List

Life can be overwhelming when you have a chaotic day ahead. Instead of stressing over hundred different things while you are trying to sleep, make it a routine to prepare a to-do list everyday before going to bed. The smaller the list, the more accomplishing your day will be.

Use Your Mornings To Focus On Yourself

Checking your email and calendar first thing in the morning are the biggest productivity killers. Start your day with a workout - morning walk, yoga, exercise. A morning workout has numerous benefits both to your health and daily schedule as it has shown to improve focus and mental abilities. A good power packed breakfast is as important as your daily workout. Read newspaper, listen to music, spend some time with your kid - the two hours you get before you head out for office should be dedicated to you. This will ensure you have necessary fuel for a productive day.

Tackle Your Most Challenging Tasks Before Lunch

Research reveals we are more likely to be ambitious and confident early in the day, as opposed to very late at night or early morning, when our thoughts might be more existential, or filled with negative emotions. So knock your most important and challenging tasks when your brain is more focussed. If you have work meetings, schedule them for afternoon.

Learn To Delegate Tasks Wisely

Delegating is a great way to make sure that more tasks are done in less time. Sure, you can work 160 hours a week to finish that project alone. But you are going to crash and burn. Moreover, overwork can cause physical/mental distress and make you feel unhappy about your profession.

The most productive people don't carry the weight of entire business on their shoulders. They delegate because it not only saves time but also help them achieve more.

Learn To Say No

Sometimes you simply don’t have time to do the best work that is asked from you for the specific time. In such cases, it is better to postpone such a work so that your quality of work is not affected. Helping people is a great feeling and you should do it more often. But not at the cost of affecting your own success and productivity. Saying no is not a bad or selfish action. It helps you concentrate on what is important at the moment and ticking that off your priority list first.

Stop Multi-Tasking

In today's busy world, multitasking is too common. This might not be that big of a deal in some cases, such as when you are doing laundry and watching television at the same time. But, it is not a very good idea to multitask when safety and productivity can be affected. Our brain cannot handle multiple complex tasks at once. Some researchers suggest that multitasking can decrease our productivity by 40%! What is it that makes multitasking such a productivity killer? You might think that you are finishing a lot of tasks simultaneously and you are good at the balancing act, but in reality switching tasks can cause stress and mental blocks.

Take Breaks

Working for long hours without break leads to stress and decreased productivity. Intermittently shutting down your cognitive processing helps your brain to reset and refocus. Researchers suggest that 5-10 micro breaks are better than no breaks at all. Although you need to be 100% committed to your breaks for them to be effective. So, leave your phone at desk while you go for the tea break.

What do you do to stay productive at work?