6 Trending Tech Job Skills In 2019

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Tech is a broad field, and there are a lot of interesting directions you can go in. In this article, we'll look at the various areas of tech, how much demand exists for each skill, and where to go to start your learning journey. Here are 6 tech skills in demand for 2019.


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the most innovative and exciting fields moving into the future, making it one of the most profitable skills you can learn. More than any other IT skill, machine learning has true longevity. From Siri and Alexa to healthcare analytics to predictive analytics, there are a tons of uses for this futuristic tech.

According to Glassdoor, the current U.S. average salary for a machine learning expert is $118,709.


Mobile app development is thriving at a fast pace. Because of intense competition and changing business needs, the app development process becomes more advanced than ever. All thanks to technological advancements, today, the enterprise-grade apps can readily address challenges and complexities of the modern business. Having mobile development skills also comes with the perk that if you can build apps for others, you can build and sell your own as well–so it's an ideal career path for aspiring entrepreneurs. One interesting direction that mobile apps are headed in is augmented reality. We have seen apps like Pokémon Go engage with the real world, blending technology and reality.

The average salary for a Mobile App Developer is $92,721 in United States.


Ever since it first exploded onto the global stage with the rise of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has been one of the most talked-about new-age technologies. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google have moved from trying blockchain to starting their own blockchain-based networks. With more than 400 blockchain projects in progress, over 1,600 employees and more than 150 job openings, IBM has recently been named the number one blockchain vendor by Juniper Research. By knowing your way around the tech now, you could be invaluable later in your career.

In U.S., average salary for blockchain-related job openings is $84,884.


Digital Marketing and its subsequent strategies change constantly and continues to advance. Search engine optimization is the act of increasing the visibility of a website or web page, in an effort to increase inbound traffic. Professionals in SEO and SEM roles study the data and develop marketing strategies that use keywords and other tools to help their clients’ businesses get attention and beat out the competition. This is one of the tech skills in demand for obvious reasons: more site visits mean more conversions, customers, and revenue. If you’re data-minded, SEO/SEM may be a great fit.

The average salary for a SEO/SEM expert is $66,848 in United States.


Data visualization is a way to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context (turn spreadsheets or reports into charts and graphs that can be easily understood). You're taking the data collected by analysts and transforming it into a form anyone can understand. Data Visualization tools like Tableau, QlikView, MSPower BI, R, Python are the top sought after skills currently.

The average salary for a Data Visualization expert is $75,611 in United States.


Data engineers build massive reservoirs for big data. They develop, construct, test and maintain architectures such as databases and large-scale data processing systems. Once continuous pipelines are installed to – and from – these huge “pools” of filtered information, data scientists can pull relevant data sets for their analyses. Whereas once it was expected that data scientists be responsible for every aspect of the data life cycle, we’re now seeing data engineers in charge of pulling, cleaning and loading the data into databases for other modelers to work with.

The average salary for a Data Engineer is $116,591 in United States.