3 questions to ask yourself before you self-sabotage

3 questions to ask yourself before you self-sabotage

The modern times are witnessing the rise of self-deprecating habits and behaviours in young adults at an alarming rate. There has been a sharp increase in the cases of mental illnesses, self-sabotaging tendencies, and suicides.

It is understandable that the world has hit an era where the generation-Z is hyper-competitive, relentlessly fierce, unempathetic, highly narcissistic, and too self-absorbed. This has resulted because of the constant focus on being perfect and successful in mass media and society in general.

However, the way the world is turning out to be in no way promotes engaging in self-sabotaging behaviours when met with failures or rejections. It is important to draw the line and never engage in any such activity, but rather, seek help and counselling if required.

Not just the young generation, but the society and its people should not set extremely high standards that are unachievable and that are alike for all. Each individual has certain skills and a peculiar gift which should be nurtured to grow in life. Not everybody can be tested on same grounds, not everybody has the same capabilities of the mind. Therefore, it is important that you never judge yourself on the basis of paradigms set by others. Instead, have an understanding of your inherent being and create life around it.

Before you engage in any self-sabotaging behaviour just because you could not live up to the societal expectations, understand the hard fact that it will hurt only you and the people who love you, no one else. Ask these three questions to yourself before you self-sabotage –

1. Is there anything that you fear in life?

It is important to note that your irrational fears are the ones that pull you back and stop you from performing. They are the ones that pave way for you to settle with self-sabotaging behaviours. You should introspect yourself or seek advice of people or counsellors around you and share what goes in your head. These fears should be resolved for having a better life.

2. Is your company bad?

You need to determine that people you spend most time with are the people who love you. In life, it is not uncommon to come across people you do not wish to interact with, and such situations can be difficult to handle. You should learn to develop a personality of your own and avoid company that is bad for you, and deal with such people with diplomacy.

3. Do you stay in extremely stressful environments?

You need to make sure that the social environments where you spend your time such as school, college, workplace, or home are not creating unnecessary stress in your life. Learn to develop an opinion of your own and be vocal about things that you dislike in an assertive manner. You should not give in to stress and blow your temper. Instead, learn to accommodate while making sure that the environment is cohesive for your growth, otherwise change that environment.