10 Business Books You Need To Read In 2019

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

As a woman who runs her new business or is looking to start one it is important to take time to learn from great minds that have been there before you. Successful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey, Lori Greiner and Barbara Corcoran have written books to help women succeed in the corporate world. Here is a list of 10 Books Every New Entrepreneurs Should Read In 2019.

1. The Accidental Entrepreneur by Susan Brown.

This book makes the list because Susan Brown correctly notes that many women who end up running their first business did not initially envision themselves as entrepreneurs but instead found themselves running one either as a hobby or a matter of necessity. Some women who love growing flowers or baking end up starting businesses around their passions so Susan Brown structures her book around 50 ideas she wishes someone had told her before venturing into the business world.

2. Real You Incorporated by Kaira Rouda.

This gem is all about helping women create a business brand that is unique, fresh and true to their values and core personalities. As a reader you will learn the value of evoking passion and inspiration based on the success of real case studies of women in real estate, manufacturing and fashion.

3. Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso.

This book is written for rebel girls who have been told they would never amount to anything. Sophia Amoruso is the founder of nasty gal and her entire brand is built on how she went from a directionless and broke girl to a powerful and successful businessperson.

4. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero.

This New York Times best seller is all about unleashing the inner greatness in each and everyone of us. It focuses on destroying those beliefs and habits that hold us back and then creating a mindset of positivity and adopting habits that lead to success.

5. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

Shonda Rhimes is one of the most respected names in Hollywood today for creating spectacular hit shows like Grey's Anatomy and Scandal. In "Year of Yes" Shonda Rhimes explains how she changed her entire life by saying yes to opportunities that were presented to her and facing those challenges head on. Even with three children at home she still achieved the tremendous success that she did so this book is ideal for working moms looking for inspiration.

6. She Means Business by Carrie Green.

Carrie Green started her own business at 20 and so she gained invaluable insight into being a young woman with grand ambitions but also all the challenges and pitfalls involved in the endeavour. In this book she offers her views on how a woman starting her own business can be creative and empowered to build a unique venture.

7. Oprah an autobiography by Oprah Winfrey.

With a net worth of over $2.5 billion and globally recognized brand Oprah is the epitome of success. In this book she shares her life story from Kosciusko, Mississippi where she was born to her first broadcasting job in Nashville and her first feature film in Steven Spielberg's The Color Purple. This is a beautiful story of overcoming adversity to triumphing in the business world.

8. Shark Tales: How I turned $1,000 Into a Billion Dollar Business by Barbara Corcoran.

Barbara Corcoran has become a household name in America for her riveting performance on Shark Tank. In this wonderful book she explains how after being unsuccessful at 22 different jobs Barbara borrowed $1,000 from her boyfriend to start a small real estate company. She helps women understand the importance of being tough and having a no nonsense attitude when it comes to financial discipline and employee performance.

9. Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser.

This book comes in the runner's up position because its all about understanding how to turn moments of failure into pivot points of success. In life there will always be failure but how we respond to it determines whether we will succeed or fail.

10. Mom Boss: Balancing Entrepreneurship, Kids and Success by Nicole Feliciano

Nicole Feliciano quit her job as an executive at Ralph Lauren to start a media company, Momtrends. In this book she tries to help "Mompreneurs" to learn how they can balance their careers and their home life. She also helps women to understand how to handle success when it does eventually come. The book helps you identify what your strengths and resources are and how to leverage them to your benefit.