10 Awesome (and free!) Graphic Design Tools For Bloggers And Visual Content Creators

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Blogging is the best way to connect with the world, whether you blog to share your experiences or promote your business. But blogging isn't just about writing. The content creation includes eye-catching graphics and art works for the blog and the social media platforms too.

Social marketers also need graphics designing tools to create ads and social content more eye-catching and pretty that can get the attraction of viewers and also clicks.

And if you’re anything like me, you probably do not have a single creative bone in you when it comes to creating eye-catching graphics. We really don’t need to waste valuable time working on those complex graphic design tools or hanging around for a graphic designer to finish working on our visual content projects anymore.

These are the list of free graphic design resources that will have people believing you are a graphic design genius!

1. Pixabay - Stock Photos, Videos and Illustrations

Pixabay is a great place for the amazing royalty free stock photos, videos and illustrations.

Other sites that I personally love for stock photos and illustrations are Unsplash, pexels and shutterstock. Wherever you get your stock photos from please do read the attribution instructions carefully.

2. Canva - Design Anything, Publish Anywhere

Canva is a simple to use graphic design tool. It allows you to make images and designs for the web or for print. Since being founded in 2012, it has nearly 1 million users and is the top choice for graphic design requirements among the content creators. On Canva you can design a logo, blog banner, social media covers and Ad banners for your blog.

3. Crello – Graphic Design Software

Crello is Canva-twin. It is a free graphic design editor that helps create images for social media, print and other web based graphics. It contains 30 different formats and claims to offer 10,000 free and ready-to-use templates for creating graphics.

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is a free-to-use image editor that combines paint tools with image design. It can also be used for several different purposes, including creating an image carte-blanche, as well as layering images over each other. You can also make use of a variety of effects, filters and level adjustments. If you’re familiar with Photoshop but don’t necessarily want to spend money on it, Pixlr is a wonderful alternative in my opinion.

5. TinyPNG

TinyPng is a great online tool that lets you optimize your PNG images by reducing only their file size, not their quality. The tool uses 'lossy' compression techniques to reduce image size by selectively decreasing the number of colors in it. No more slow page loading because of huge images!

6. Evernote

Didn't expect this in the list?!! Well Evernote is my go-to tool when it comes screenshots. One of the best ways to grab images is through screenshots. And, one of the best tools in the market to do that is evernote. It not only gives you sleek and clean graphics, it organizes your images in a proper format.

7. PicMonkey – Editor & Graphic Design Maker

PicMonkey is not just a tool to create graphic designs, you can edit images, use touchup tools and make a collage of your images. PicMonkey provide social media templates that are sized just right for each channel, including Facebook covers, YouTube thumbnails, Pinterest pins, and Twitter posts. And you can post directly from its mobile app.

8. Stencil – Double your Social Engagement

Stencil is yet another free/premium graphic design tool for bloggers and social marketers.

It claims to have more than 2,200,000 stock images, 640+ templates, icons & graphics and 41 custom sizes to design your pretty image. It has an option to schedule the images for social media platform as you create them. Stencil also offers chrome extension.

9. Infogram – Create infographics, report and maps

Infogram is a platform to create beautiful reports, infographs, charts, Dashboards out of the raw data that you have. Whether you want to create stunning infographics that boost visitor engagement on your website or blog or want to stand out with interactive marketing reports and dashboards, Infogram is a one-stop solution. It helps explain data in a visually appealing way.

10. Easelly – Create & share visual ideas

Easelly is a web tool that assists in creating and designing infographics online even if you don’t have a design experience. This tool tool allows you to create timelines, annotated maps, flowcharts, posters, announcements, instructional guides, and any other visual displays that show data or information. Easelly  also offers infographic design templates that contain pre-inserted graphics. You will be able to customize these templates in many different ways, including the possibility to rearrange the graphics, draw arrows, insert objects, change the font style, and more. The platform allows you to share the infographics you created and completed.

I hope these free graphic design tools can help you get through some tough times like they did for me. If I have missed any important tools, feel free to share them in the comments below.